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After the original "Cows in the Forest" mural done for Renton, Washington; they simply couldn't get enough. Not just a couple months later, I was back in Renton, painting a second mural.

This idea/sketch was a part of the original RFP pitch when the "Cows in the Forest" were picked; when Bill, the owner of the Renton Civic Theatre saw the "Jimi Hendrix Dragon," he knew he simply had to have it.

And so, I packed up my equipment and Candis Nohl, and we made our way out to Renton, to battle the wind and the rain for a little over two weeks.

The mural incorporates a few elements that are near and dear to the hearts of the locals, including dragons, Jimi Hendrix, Sasquatch, and a myriad of indigenous Washington flowers. This will be the fourth public art dragon in Renton.

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