Short Film Props

In the future, I would really love to get more into making film props.

Film sets themselves are like their own little worlds; although not always the most efficient little worlds, they always end up feeling like a family. Branding itself is like creating an "own little world," and within the world of a film set (which, we have concluded is already it's own little world), we're about to hit optimal levels of inception here.

And so, in the theme of this entire post. Here are some short film props that I made for a short film while still back in college:

The premise of this short film was about a quirky Montana family. One of those family members is the uncle, who is an artist and creates his art inspired by the family lamb, Gopher. The short film follows the family the day after Gopher suddenly dies in a freak summer frost, and how they individually cope with "change." Since one of the main characters is an artist, the short film was to feature a lot of quirky, original lamb inspired art.

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