A 9-Minute Ode to Love

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

This summer I got into shooting weddings, which is funny because the most experience I have with weddings is getting very drunk and dancing at them, or I guess, when I was helping my sister out with hers.

Other than that, we can all settle on the fact that I'm a solid newb.

My friend, Elizabeth Groves, with WildGrove Media roped me into being her second shooter this summer on a myriad of wedding projects.

And let me just say: weddings are the freaking bomb!

Sure there are a lot of pressures that come with the day and the time frame for everything can really turn into a quick paced creative exercise, but everyone is so happy, and happy people on any job makes those jobs amazing.

This was the first wedding that I solo shot for, and I helped out with the edit!

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