I seem to be making quite the impact in the field of illustrated cows. I'm not going to complain; not one bit; I really love drawing cows. 

This project came along from a college peer living out in the Seattle area now. The Dairy Farmers of Washington were looking for some art to spruce up their office with and some illustrations to put on various schwag items.


After seeing some of my work with River Valley Cheese, we got to working figuring out how to interpret cows who are proud of their dairy producing skills!


Like all projects, I started off with sketching out the potential options. They wanted cows that were not only proud but also involved in the dairy process, and, as always, being cute as heck while doing it.

WA Dairy Illustration Sketches2.jpg
WA Dairy Painting Sketches.jpg

So, I laid out a few of the most creative options I could come up with. And, what was originally going to a be a single paintings and single illustration project, turned into a painting trio and double illustration project! LET'S DO THIS!


And now, for the Seattle hipster cow paintings!