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4 Cows Mural Sketch.jpg

This is my very first mural in Renton, Washington. It is on a 52 foot by 17 foot wall, and yes, it is, yet again, all about cows. 

The city of Renton had an open call to artist for this mural project, and after doing so much work with the Academy of Curiosity and River Valley Cheese, I was in that community enough to send in some ideas.

Well, the funny thing is that it had been a while since this "call for art" had gone out, because the two owners of the adjacent buildings where the mural was going to go, could not agree on a pitched idea. Until, I came along with a creative take on Renton's Four Cows Bridge! 

The biggest compliment to an artist is a unanimous vote on a sketch, no less!

And, here are the results.

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